SRLine products features

  1. Quality equal to original parts.
  2. Long hours of testing each part.
  3. Excellent overall price to performance ratio.
  4. Minimal percentage of customer claims thanks to permanent product monitoring and direct contact with factories.
  5. Where an older manufacturing technology*, not presently used, is employed in the production of OE parts, the part is still guaranteed.

* concerns old technologies not used neither by OE makers or by aftermarket factories - refers some parts for older cars only.

  • A/C Compressors A/C Compressors

    SRLine A/C compressors come from carefully selected manufacturers. Their quality has been assured by lengthy cooperation with our suppliers.

    SRLine A/C compressors are brand new - not remanufactured.

  • Braking pads and discs Braking pads and discs

    High-powered contemporary vehicles achieve speeds that continually challenge braking effectiveness while pushing manufacturers to the limits of innovation.

    Each element of the brake system must operate with finely tuned accuracy to ensure safety and optimum performance. High quality is a premium. All braking assistance systems, such as ABS (Antiblockiersystem), ESP (Electronic Stability Program) or HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) will do their job efficiently only if, finally, the brake disc and pad are able to apply sufficient energy to slow the vehicle - no matter the road conditions or temperature.

    Combining the shortest possible braking distance with the longest possible lifetime of the braking system is the goal of each manufacturer of brake systems. SRLine systems deliver. And they also come at an extremely reasonable price.

  • Bulbs Bulbs

    All SRLine bulbs have EU homologation (ECE), meeting the highest market standards.

    The SRLine range includes headlamps, flasher and rear lamp bulbs and others offering premium output and long-life.

  • Clutches Clutches

    Clutch transmits engine torque and has to stand constant dynamic loads.
    Production of SRLine clutch sets runs according to OE specification, ISO 9001:2000, QS-9000:1998 and ISO/TS16949.
    Extensive quality and wear tests are necessary and must be positively fulfilled to include certain assortment into SRLine range.

  • Condensers Condensers

    Relying on close cooperation with air conditioning makers, we have carefully selected the best products for the SRLine.

    All SRLine condensers are made using materials and technology in accordance with manufacturer standards. They offer the same, or better, heat exchange performance as the OE condensers. Using the SRLine condenser to repair the air conditioning system ensures a long and trouble-free operation at reasonable prices.

  • CV-joints CV-joints

    CV-joints remain important drive components transmitting torque from the transmission to the wheels. There are two types of CV-joints the outer (assembled by the wheel) and inner (assembled by the transmission).

    CV-joints represent the next assortment of SRLine parts.

    As with all other SRLine parts, CV-joints meet the highest quality standards. Each box also contains the necessary parts to assemble.

  • Filters Filters

    SRLine offers first-rate:
    - air filters,
    - cabin filters with activated carbon,
    - fuel filters,
    - oil filters.

    Efficient filtration is essential to engine performance. It also reduces cabin pollution. SRLine filters, produced by selected factories, possessing ISO/TS certificates, ensure safe and problem-free travel.

  • Fuel pumps SRLine Fuel pumps - novelty

    The fuel pump is a key element of the fuel system. Its most important task is to supply the engine with the right amount of fuel at a certain pressure value. This process should take place without any problems in all weather conditions.

    In the process of careful selection of suppliers, fuel pumps have been included in the SRLine brand range based on producers with many years of experience and those who in the production process put on the latest technologies and high quality components. SRLine fuel pumps meet the highest and the most restrictive quality criteria, ensure long, trouble-free operation and customer satisfaction.

  • Heaters Heaters

    Experience, based on a careful assessment of our suppliers’ manufacturing processes and the quality of their components, has led to select products with high-quality standards.

    Proper selection of materials, improved heater efficiency and extensive experience cooperating with heater manufacturers translate into an SRLine product with guaranteed high quality at a reasonable price.

  • Horns Horns

    All SRLine horns received European certification “E”, guaranteeing high-quality engineering and production. The mounts are applicable mount to virtually all vehicles.

    Our disc and tube horns offer frequencies of 335-510Hz with a signal of 105-110dB at 12V.

  • Powertrain mounts Powertrain mounts

    SRLine mountings are manufactured from best quality raw materials and help not only to reduce noise and vibration but they can also improve vehicle’s performance and stabilization by decreasing sudden torque impulse during accelerating or engine braking. They fulfill all quality standards what was confirmed by performance tests made before the sales begins.

  • Radiators Radiators

    Radiators are the most important part of the engine cooling system. Using the proper technology and choosing the right raw materials keeps our high-performance radiators failure-free.
    Our SRLine radiators are manufactured using the same or even higher technology as their OE equivalents. They offer long service and high durability, making SRLine radiators truly select.

  • Shock absorber fixing parts Shock absorber fixing parts

    We produce our SRLine mounts and protection kits using selected high-quality components, and we offer kits and individual parts, too.
    Protection kits deter dust and sand while buffers made out of flexible, yet durable, material absorb the energy of the shock rod during vertical movement.

  • Shock absorbers Shock absorbers

    Components such as seals, pistons, and valves used to manufacture SRLine shock absorbers are made of the highest quality materials to ensure durability, safety, and a comfortable ride.

  • SRLine, steering knuckles Steering knuckles

    The steering system is one of the most important systems of every vehicle. Its correct operation ensures the user not only comfort of traveling, but primarily the safety. Thanks to using the highest quality materials and modern production technologies, SRLine steering knuckles are characterized by stable quality and a 2-year warranty.
  • Suspension Suspension

    The suspension ensures a smooth, comfortable and safe ride.
    The latest technology and the best raw materials mean that SRLine suspension parts are completely reliable while demonstrating optimum quality.
    They are fully guaranteed by certificates of quality and a two year warranty.

  • Viscous clutches Viscous clutches

    Bimetallic strips used in SRLine viscous clutches are chosen with the greatest care so that the clutch engages precisely at the right temperature.
    Meanwhile, high-precision ball bearings guarantee quiet operation.

  • Water pumps Water pumps

    An integral part of the engine cooling system, our water pumps offer trouble-free maintenance and smooth operation.
    SRLine water pumps are made of carefully selected components. Bearings and mechanical gaskets are highly durable, meeting stringent quality control standards.

  • Wiper blades Wiper blades

    SRLine includes all season wipers with direct OEM replacement.
    We offer flat, frame, and hybrid wiper blades. Flat blades have a spoiler which presses high-quality graphite rubber onto the windshield with optimized pressure zones and 5 adaptors for various types of mountings.

    Our traditional blade (frame construction) has a single adaptor - hook type only.

    Hybrid blades combine the construction of flat and frame wipers. Outside it looks like a flat blade, but the base of the structure is a frame similar to the traditional wiper.

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