SRLine products features

  1. Quality equal to original parts.
  2. Long hours tests preceding joining parts to the offer.
  3. Good price performance ratio.
  4. Minimal claim percentage thanks to permanent product monitoring and direct contact with factories.
  5. In case of different manufacturing technology* than used for production of OE parts a trouble-free use is guaranteed thanks to long years positive experience.

* concerns old technologies not used neither by OE makers or by aftermarket factories - refers some parts for older cars only.

  • A/C Compressors A/C Compressors

    SRLine A/C compressors come from carefully selected manufacturers.
    Their quality was approved during long year cooperation with our suppliers.

    SRLine A/C compressors are brand new parts (not remanufactured).

  • Braking pads and discs Braking pads and discs

    Nowadays, by such high powers and speeds achieved by modern cars, braking system has more difficult task to be performed.
    Deceleration is a huge challenge for car manufacturers and becomes heavier and heavier. Each element of the system must operate with a great accuracy, because only then the whole system performs its job properly. Therefore, it is very important that each single component is of high quality. All braking assistance systems, such as ABS (Antiblockiersystem) or associated with it ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) will work and help efficiently only if the final link of braking system - brake disc and pad - is able to convect the energy, even in difficult road conditions, such as rain, snow, low and high temperatures. The shortest possible braking distance and the longest possible lifetime – this is an eternal purpose for each manufacturer of braking system components. Creating SRLine products, after fulfilling the above target, we decided to make a step forward - we added a reasonable price.

  • Bulbs Bulbs

    All SRL bulbs posses EU homologation (ECE). They fulfill the highest requirements expected from modern light sources.
    The range of SRL bulbs consists of headlamp halogen and xenon bulbs, flasher and rear lamp bulbs and others offering more light output by long durability.

  • Clutches Clutches

    Clutch transmits engine torque and has to stand constant dynamic loads.
    Production of SRLine clutch sets runs according to OE specification, ISO 9001:2000, QS-9000:1998 and ISO/TS16949.
    Extensive quality and wear tests are necessary and must be positively fulfilled to include certain assortment into SRLine range.

  • Condensers Condensers

    Utilizing years of experience in cooperation with manufacturers of air conditioning condensers we selected some high quality products that are offered under SRLine brand.

    All SRLine condensers are made using materials and technology in accordance with the standards of car manufacturers. They are characterized by the same or better heat exchange performance as OE condensers. Using the SRLine condenser to repair the air conditioning system ensures a long trouble-free operation for a reasonable price.

  • CV-joints CV-joints

    CV-joints remain important drive component transmitting torque from transmission to wheels. There are two types of CV-joints outer - assembled  by wheel and inner - assembled by transmission.

    CV-joints represent the next assortment of SRLine parts.

    As all other SRLine parts CV-joints fulfill high quality standards and one can find in each box also all necessary assembly parts.

  • Filters Filters

    Among SRLine brand products appeared finally also filters:
    - air filters,
    - cabin filters with activated carbon,
    - fuel filters,
    - oil filters.

    The efficient filtration impacts the engine operation and reduces cabin pollution. The application of SRLine filters produced by selected factories possessing ISO/TS certificates secures safe
    and problem-free vehicle usage.

  • Heaters Heaters

    Experience built for years based on assessment of manufacturing processes of our suppliers and quality of components used by them allow us to select products which meet high quality standards.

    Taking care of proper selection of materials and application of solutions that improve heat efficiency and extensive experience of heaters manufacturers which we cooperate with translate into final product that is offered under SRLine brand with guarantee of high quality at reasonable price.

  • Horns Horns

    All SRLine horns received European homologation „E”,  what guarantees constant following high quality procedures during engineering and production process. The fixing parts are universal and allow to mount these horns to nearly all vehicles. Our disc and tube horns offer frequencies  335-510Hz and force of signal 105-110dB. All of them are adjusted to voltage of 12V.

  • Powertrain mounts Powertrain mounts

    SRLine mountings are manufactured from best quality raw materials and help not only to reduce noise and vibration but they can also improve vehicle’s performance and stabilization by decreasing sudden torque impulse during accelerating or engine braking. They fulfill all quality standards what was confirmed by performance tests made before the sales begins.

  • Radiators Radiators

    Radiator is the most important part of engine cooling system. Using proper technology and choosing right raw materials our radiators are failure–free and have high cooling performance.
    All SRLine radiators were manufactured using the same or higher technology than the corresponding OE equivalents. The claim statistics made for long years confirming their high durability allowed us to select SRLine radiators properly.

  • Shock absorber fixing parts Shock absorber fixing parts

    The newly introduced SRLine mounting parts and protection kits are produced using selected high quality components. We offer kits and single parts as well.
    Protection kits stop dust and sand and buffers made out of flexible and durable material absorb energy of the shock absorber rod during vertical movement. (We advise to replace all fixing  parts by installing of new shock absorbers).

  • Shock absorbers Shock absorbers

    Components such as seals, pistons and valves used to manufacture SRL shock absorbers are made of materials of the highest quality to ensure durability, ride comfort and safety.

  • Suspension Suspension

    Suspension is one of most important systems of each vehicle.
    Its proper function provides driving comfort and safety.
    Thanks to using modern technology and choosing best raw materials SRLine suspension parts are failure–free and demonstrate high and steady quality.
    This features are fully confirmed by many certificates of quality and 2 years warranty.

  • Viscous clutches Viscous clutches

    Bimetallic strips used in SRL viscous clutches are chosen with the highest care, therefore the clutch engages precisely at the right temperature range.
    Furthermore their high-precision ball bearings guarantee quiet operation.

  • Water pumps Water pumps

    Water pump is an integral part of the engine cooling system and trouble-free maintenance depends upon its proper operation.
    SRLine water pumps are made of carefully selected components, thus their bearings and mechanical gaskets are marked by high durability. They meet all quality standards as confirmed by demanding tests to which they are subjected before distribution.

  • Wiper blades Wiper blades

    New line of our wipers are flat, frame and hybrid blades. Flat blades are provided with spoiler which presses high quality graphite rubber to the windshield, through the rail with optimized pressure zones. Inside the blister, clients will find 5 adaptors for the various types of mountings.

    Second kind of wipers (frame) are traditional ones; frame construction blades with single adaptor; hook type only.

    Hybrid blades, third line, are combined construction of flat and frame wipers. From outside it looks like flat blade, but the base of the structure is frame which is similar to traditional wiper.

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