About us

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of products from numerous suppliers available in the automotive spare parts market. Likewise, there is the constant growth of brands created by spare parts distributors. One of them is the SRLine (Selected Replacement Line) – the brand created by Polcar. Our solid position in the market and our long experience inspired us to create a brand of carefully selected products that meet safety requirements and quality standards e.g. TÜV, AMTAC and the like.

Noting changing practices in the automotive market, we can see how companies offering original parts have moved production to subcontractors. These parts are later packed in brand name boxes and sold at prices several times higher than the cost of production.
Owing to the careful selection of manufacturers and their products, our customers have access to parts used on car assembly lines. Thanks to lower margins these prices are consequently reduced.

SRLine products are manufactured exclusively by factories already supplying leading European brands as well as Polcar for many years, which led to creating the “selected replacement” brand.


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